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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com . I suppose the first thing I should do is write about something interesting. But as I sit here in the wee early morning waiting for the sun to come up all I can think about is enjoying my first  morning cup of  coffee. It seems ridiculous but I feel that 4:30AM is too late and yet too early to drink coffee. That reminds me of the common belief that many people have regarding when it is proper to have a beer or glass of wine, never before 12 noon lest you be considered a raging alcoholic. Wearing the tiniest bikini on a crowded beach is acceptable but people are shocked and appalled if a woman shows too much cleavage at a ball game. Gyrating against a total stranger on the dance floor doesn’t even deserve a glance but the meer utter of a single swear word will draw gasps and disgust and may even get one arrested! Our military men and women leave their families to bravely fight for their country and often come home to scorn  from their fellow countrymen and no aspect of a waiting job. However, our athletes are paid outrageous sums of money to catch or throw a ball and are worshiped, envied, and  even hailed as the great conquering heroes.

I’ve come to suddenly realize that nothing makes sense, some rules are made to be broken, and some things just are and cannot be explained. There are many gray areas, he thinks outside the box, things are not always as they seem, she dances to her own drum, it’s not that simple; are frequently said when something is not clearly defined or easily explained.

I don’t know why I think these thoughts or why they even matter but this all started when I had a craving for a cup of coffee and questioned whether I should wait till the sun came up and why.

Here’s to our first cup of coffee to start the day (or beer or wine) whatever time of day. Drink up and enjoy!


Happy blogging!